Deborah Coyne is currently the Green Party of Canada candidate in the riding of Carleton. For her current website, please click here.

This website is dedicated to discussion of One Canada for all Canadians – the need for bold national leadership and coherent  national government. In my collected opinion pieces, I address a wide range of areas requiring firm action by the one government that is elected and accountable to all Canadians. 

The vision of a strong national government is not found in any single political party. The real strength of One Canada resides in the vast majority of individual Canadians – Canadians without borders – who are building this great country regardless of partisan political affiliation. A new generation is focused on the world, not on borders, and not on the parochial and the tired debates of petty politics. 

In this important election year, with our democracy under siege, we all need to come together, forum by forum, riding by riding, to fight for One Canada for all Canadians. We need to get off the sidelines, engage in the election and take back the initiative from self-serving political machines. We need to convert the energy, skills, and grassroots experience and insights of our country’s many citizen-based mobilization efforts into effective political power.  We should choose to support the most thoughtful, principled and ethical candidates for election – regardless of political party affiliation. And we should demand specific commitments to undertake the significant transformative change over the long-term that is so essential to restore public confidence in out democratic processes. (See my post on “Why we must demand more of politicians – and ourselves.”)

Clearly there is no quick fix to the current democratic deficit. But one fundamental point is clear.  We must stop looking to “the leader” for every answer and demand more of ourselves, civil society, and each candidate for election to the House of Commons. It is time for all Canadians to get off the sidelines. Democracy will not work if you sit back and let things happen. Complacency is dangerous. It is time to take back Canada – One Canada for all Canadians.

[For more on the need for a new ethic of government and citizenship, see my post on “Trading Apathy for Action.” I wrote it almost 5 years ago, yet sadly it could have been written yesterday, which I submit makes its message all the more urgent.]